The Righteous and The Wicked on DVD!

This is it! This is where you can buy a DVD copy of The Righteous and The Wicked straight from the director! Ships via USPS from Albuquerque, NM.

The Righteous and The Wicked is a blending of two classic movie genres: the Western and the heist film. It turns the Western convention of a lone gunman facing off with a gang of bad guys on its head by following the planning, execution, and consequences of the heist from the gang’s point of view. One-time cattle rustler and bandit Hoss Williams is getting too old for his life of crime and he knows it. His new gang has six members, each with a specific role to play in his final heist. Everything seems to be going according to plan, until one of them starts playing by his own rules.

The cast of The Righteous and The Wicked features New Mexico actors Craig Myers (5 Shells), Justin Tade (Book of Eli), Billy Garberina (Necroville), Jeremy Owen (Paul), Phil Duran (Stiffed), Alexander Thorne (The Bigfoot Election), and A.J. Rome (Scoundrels).